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Founder & Consultant at London Global Consultants

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After an unconventional university education, with anthropology, history of art and archaeology you do not really have a clear career opportunity outside the universities, I became immediately self-employed. I worked as journalist, in the finance sector and as sales person on contracts, before I founded my own company to help and coach people with their communication skills in business and personal life. I used my unconventional studies and further education to became an entrepreneur and I am running my own businesses since over 5 years.
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Careers in General

5 Steps for an Outstanding Resume

by Kristin

Is your resume good enough to catch the eye of recruiters? Join Kristin Muller, Founder of London Global Consultants, as she shares a 5-step process to help build a resume that will get you noticed.

Topics covered include: 
5 steps to build an effective resume
How to define your goals
Which keywords to focus on
How to make a statement