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Robert M

CEO/CTO/Founder at London Global Laboratories

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Expert in future technologies and business, with a series of strong achievements, used to generate substantial revenues in a variety of fields, and who has demonstrated a flair for devising, researching and developing market leading technologies and systems which have been successfully sold around the world. More specifically, having working in joint ventures with Olympus, Beckman Coulter and sold a business to Siemens AG I can help you with advice at the intersection between business and technology from getting that first job to Business Plans, Cutting Edge Research & Development, Business Development and everyday operational problems. Let's talk.
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Careers in Health & Medicine

Careers & Trends in Healthcare

by Robert M

With the rapidly changing healthcare & medicine industry, plenty of new exciting opportunities are arising. Get an insider view of today’s latest healthcare & medicine trends along with outstanding new career chances from Robert Wenzel, Director of London Global Laboratories.