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Here is the scene : Global recession.... banks closing down, consulting firms had frozen hiring, companies do not want to sponsor visas for international students .....

Americans were finding it tough to get normal such an environment an Indian student was able to interview with Goldman Sachs, UBS, The Parthenon Group, Monitor, Deloitte, Capgemini, Micro-strategy, Microsoft, Facebook and Blackrock to name a few...

Surely - cannot attribute this to the "favourable" economic conditions. I am offering you well researched and executed strategies to unlock the secret of a making a resume that a recruiter cannot keep down, or ways to crack an interview such that a second round call is inevitable.

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  • Getting Consulting Jobs in India


    2011 - Present

    Mumbai, India

    Getting into consulting needs a robust strategy - It is the perfect balance between brain (strategy and planning) and brawn (intellectual horsepower). The need for a strategic road map is pronounced when you are an international student on an Ivy league campus in the US. The book offers real life insights that I implemented to crack into the mystical world of management consulting (and a ton of other interviews) in arguably the most challenging economic time in the last century- i.e. the Global Financial Crisis. I also offer consulting for mock interviews and case prep.

  • Baring Private Equity Asia

    Investment Professional

    2012 - 2014

    Mumbai, India

    Private Equity Professional focussing on investments in the Asian middle market, non auction space in both growth equity and mid cap buyouts. Industries that I focus on - Financial Services (Banks, NBFCs, MFI) Technology (IT/ BPO) Education (K-12, Higher Ed, Test Prep) FMCG and Retail Infrastructure Real Estate and Hospitality (Hotels, Restaurants) Healthcare (Hospitals and Diagnostic Chains)

  • The Parthenon Group

    Senior Associate

    2009 - 2012

    Mumbai, India

    I have been working in the management consulting industry for a little over 2 years at The Parthenon Group's Asian headquarters in Mumbai, India. Our clients include Indian Conglomerates and Market Movers, Global 1000 companies and Private Equity Firms investing in Asia. Because of the global nature of our clients I have been fortunate enough to have on ground consulting experience in the following countries - India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Korea, Chile, Australia, South Africa and Brazil.

  • Ujjivan Financial Services, Inc.

    Operations Manager


    Bangalore, India

    Worked as an operations optimization intern at one of India's fastest growing Micro-finance companies I created an optimization model to help the organization best plan their cash management process

  • World Resources Institute

    Green Strategy Intern


    Washington Dc, District Of Columbia

    Analyzed business models to minimize capital investment costs for Solar Power Documented a white paper on Renewable Energy Certificates and Carbon Credits Interviewed energy managers of Fortune 500 companies in Europe to measure Financial and Policy frameworks that drive investment in Renewable Energy

  • Ernst & Young

    Summer Intern


    Mumbai, India

    I started my professional career as an intern at E&Y's management consulting arm under an excellent mentor and team. Our client was one of India's biggest travel and tourism companies. I was involved in interviewing management and performing piecemeal analysis required for the process audit of the retail customer experience


  • Duke University

    Master of Engineering Management


  • DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering, University of Mumbai

    B.E. Bachelor of Engineering



  • Career Conversation
    (30 minutes)

    I am happy to help you plan your entire consulting job application process. It requires more than what meets the eye. Its a function of networking, building your profile (your story), taking the right courses and finally showcasing the right points on a consulting specific resume.

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  • Resume Critique
    (60 minutes)

    I have been part consulting club at my program at Duke as a student, as part of the recruitment team at Parthenon and a professional consultant for this service as part of so I have reviewed hundreds of resumes and know what it takes to get that very important "foot in the door"

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  • Mock Interview
    (60 minutes)

    I have been in the consulting industry for little over 2 years and have been practicing case interviews first as an applicant and now as a recruiter for little over 4 years now.

    I also serve as head of Associate recruitment at Parthenon's Mumbai office

    I have written a book which helps students break into the consulting industry -

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Reviews (3)

  • Consulting Mock Interview

    I had an amazing and insightful second call with Jaineel. His advice is extremely crisp, relevant and helpful. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a career in consulting especially for someone who is from a non-target school or just completed their Masters.

  • Consulting Career Conversation

    Jaineel's advice was excellent on the process I should take to join consulting. He patiently answered all my questions. He was very honest in his replies which helped me understand the the strategy I should take.

  • Consulting Career Conversation

    Jaineel provided extremely focused advice, feedback and recommendations on how to perform well in case interviews. Would highly recommend speaking with Jaineel regarding case interviews