President at Consulting firm

With 28 years of experience in designing and implementing strategic change for clients, 14 years of experience in mentoring early stage companies and entrepreneurs, and with more recent experience in helping leaders of countries emerging from conflict in leadership development and strategic planning, I can help companies and countries address real work issues.


  • Consulting firm


    1999 - Present

    San Diego, California


  • University of Phoenix

    DBA-Doctor Of Business Administration



  • Rutgers University


    Marketing and Operations


  • UC San Diego





I have helped companies large and small in most industries during the past 28 years plan and implement strategic change. I have helped turn around more than two dozen companies facing unique challenges and have helped more than two dozen other companies develop and implement their business plans and, in some cases, get funding. My recent passion is helping countries emerging from conflict develop leadership for a sustainable economy. I have helped more than two dozen companies launch and am currently a prominent member of the advisory team at San Diego Sports Innovators, part of the CONNECT family.

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    (30 minutes)

    As membership chair of the San Diego chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants, I have a somewhat unique perspective on the present and future of consulting in the region. Having had as many as 20 full-time consultants working for me, I also have a reasonably good idea of what new consultants might expect in the work environment. Since 1999, I have helped entrepreneurs launch more than two dozen companies, not including the companies that I have assisted as a mentor with San Diego Sports Innovators, a CONNECT organization. My assistance has included preparation of business plans, marketing plans, financial plans, and private placement memoranda in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, and telecommunications.

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I have been chair of the board of one San Diego not-for-profit since 2004 and of another since 2009. I have seen the first through a crisis or two and the other through the challenges of launch and stabilization. I regularly mentor leaders, elected and unelected, in countries in Africa emerging from conflict. Prior to my current board service, I served as a member or officer of the boards of directors of four other not-for-profits and have written business plans for not-for-profits.

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    With extensive service on not-for-profit boards and experience in strategic planning, crisis management, grant development, financial planning, organizational development, and other areas with not-for-profits, I believe I have relevant expertise to discuss issues and opportunities that might be encountered by those considering a career with not-for-profits.

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