International development professional and entrepreneur. Experience at USAID, IFC. Founder of No-Pay MBA. Author of forthcoming book on the future of business education.


I have worked at the US Agency for International Development, the International Finance Corporation, and the Food and Agriculture Organization. I have worked on projects in agricultural development, private sector development, public-private partnership, and entrepreneurship support, in Central America and East Africa.

I can help you figure out how to make a move into international development and how to launch a career overseas.


I am the founder of No-Pay MBA, a resource that helps people use massive open online courses to get an education equivalent to an MBA. While an MBA is a great decision for many people, there are other pathways to a career-launching business education. Let's talk about your career goals and whether an MBA is the right move for you.

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    Business Development and Entrepreneurship Specialist

    2013 - Present

    At USAID/Rwanda, I develop opportunities for public-private partnerships as part of USAID's Global Development Alliance. As a member of the Economic Growth team, I design and manage development projects that connect farmers to markets, provide access to finance, develop Rwanda's work force, and encourage private sector growth.

  • No-Pay MBA

    Founder of No-Pay MBA

    2013 - Present

    No-Pay MBA exists to support people get a business education equivalent to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) using massive open online courses (MOOCs) and other free and low-cost online resources. My journey with MOOC-based education began in 2013, when I saw an opportunity to build the business education I had long desired without leaving the workforce and without going into debt. For me, as an international development worker, MOOCs had the added benefit of being accessible from anywhere – even my home in Kigali, Rwanda. My story has been featured in the Financial Times, CNN, Fortune, Entrepreneur Magazine, and You can find a lot more information on the No-Pay MBA website. You can also become a member of the No-Pay MBA Network, a growing community of people who are building customized business educations out of free and low-cost online resources.

  • IFC - International Finance Corporation

    Business Development Consultant

    2012 - 2013

    Worked with private sector partners Ecom and Nespresso to develop the supply chain for certified, sustainably produced, high quality coffee. Drafted analytical reports and communication materials for stakeholders including private sector partners, IFC staff, coffee farmers in Central America, and the general public. Managed work plan and reporting for agricultural extensionists in five coffee-producing clusters in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

  • Peace Corps

    Volunteer Leader

    2011 - 2012

  • FAO

    Food Security Specialist

    2011 - 2012

    Designed a web application to map donor-funded food security projects and managed the IT consultants who built the application. Managed the project work plan, including supervision of consultants hired by the project.

  • Peace Corps

    Rural Develoment Extensionist

    2009 - 2011

  • School District of Philadelphia

    Bilingual Grade Level Teacher

    2005 - 2006


  • Multiple Business Schools

    No-Pay MBA

    Business Administration and Management, General


  • Temple University Department of Geography


    Geography (2008)


  • Oberlin College


    Politics (2003)



I launched a business last year, cash flow positive within the first 5 months of operation. (See I'm still working full time while developing the business. Happy to talk about what that's like if you're contemplating the same.

No-Pay MBA, the business I created, helps people use the resources of the internet to get an education equivalent to an MBA. If you think you might need an MBA but aren't sure, I'd be happy to help you work through the options.

I've been working as a private sector business development specialist in developing economies for the past four years.

My current role with USAID is as a private sector engagement advisor, working on structuring partnerships with the private sector.

Let's talk about how you can launch a career in international development, or if you're interested in entrepreneurship and business development overseas.

  • Career Conversation
    (30 minutes)

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  • Resume Critique
    (60 minutes)

    I've sat on many hiring panels for international development professionals in economic growth, private sector development, and business development positions. Let's make sure your resume is in top shape before you apply for a position with an international organization.

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I have had a varied career, and I greatly enjoy speaking with others whose paths are not linear. I am available to help with the following:

- Talking through the options for graduate education. I am especially happy to help you think through whether you should get an MBA.

- Planning for a career in international development. I have worked for some of the top organizations in the business - including the IFC, USAID, and the FAO. I can help you figure out where the gaps are in your international development resume and how to fill them.

- Bootstrapping a business or side project. I am an entrepreneur at heart. I started the No-Pay MBA on a shoestring and have continued to hold it down while working full time. Would love to talk with you about your entrepreneurial aspirations and how to make them real.

Reviews (2)

  • Management Career Conversation

    I've sought advice from a lot of people on my decision for business school, but felt like nobody truly understood all the variables I was weighing. Laurie is the first person who I've been able to find who knows and understands all the factors going into my decision: knowledge of business school, familiarity with the idiosyncrasies of my industry (international development), and a deep appreciation for finding an affordable education and avoiding massive amounts of debt. Laurie asked targeted questions that demonstrated her grasp of my situation and that helped me think through my options. She also provided specific advice that gave me confidence in my choices. I definitely recommend her!

  • Business Development Career Conversation

    Laurie's advice was very helpful - she drew on personal experience to give well rounded guidance. In terms of career advice, she helped me develop a plan A and plan B and suggested ways of leveraging my past experience.