How to Write a Business Plan: Part 1

Join UB Alumnus Richard Quodomine, MA '03, BA'96, for a 2-part series on "How to Write a Business Plan."

Before you think of funding, or a loan from friends and family, before you even go into business part time, you need a plan. And your plan may be dependent on where you are. Fortunately, there are resources. This online workshop will help you with two things; first, getting yourself organized. Give yourself an idea of what you can do, and if you can do it. Second, we’ll help you write the plan, including financials, revenue projections, and doing the research. There is no magic wand to starting up a business, and there’s never a guarantee, but there are ways to help yourself structure your thoughts and make sure you’ve got the right ideas and how to make them profitable, over time.

The process isn’t easy, so we break it down to give you both a grounding in coalescing your idea into something that’s needed, then into a plan that will be useful for banks and chambers of commerce.