The 2-Hour Job Search

The ability to predictably secure internal referrals is a fundamental skill for both job seekers, new hires, and experienced professionals alike. In this session, The 2-Hour Job Search author and full-time Duke MBA career coach Steve Dalton outlines an exact process – rather than a series of tips – for effectively turning strangers into advocates, leading to more interviews, better internal networks, and higher sales.

 The 2-Hour Job Search methodology provides an alternative to online job posting “black holes” and speculative cold calling by turning the difficult topic of networking into something finite, easy to implement, and repeatable. To create this process, Dalton drew upon the latest science ranging from behavioral economics to operations theory to social psychology to split networking into its three component parts (prioritization, outreach, and advocacy-building) to help job seekers, new hires, and sales-oriented professionals get underway: quickly, effectively, and efficiently.