The Art of the Consulting Fit Interview

Will you fit in the corporate culture? The fit interview prep is just as, if not more important as the case interview itself. You can nail the case interview, but if you don't do well on fit, you will simply not get the job. Therefore, the fit prep -while commonly overlooked, is equally important. Darren is a former A.T. Kearney consultant who now focuses on helping aspiring consultants land their dream job at top consulting firms. In this webinar Darren discusses the importance of nailing the fit interview and how to properly prepare yourself for success in all the aspects of an interview process.

Topics covered include

  • What is a fit interview and what does it assess

  • Specific skill sets you must communicate in response to every behavioral question

  • 5 fit question areas you should prepare for

  • Common behavioral questions and how to answer them

  • Responding using the CARL structure

  • How to preparing using a Work Experience Matrix

  • How to prepare for the candidate question portion with a "reverse interview"